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GeorgiaCEO of The Hartwood Publishing Group, and Editor-in-Chief at Hartwood Publishing, Georgia Woods has been a leader in the ebook industry for years, guiding and encouraging up and coming romance writers. Affectionately known as the “Mother Hen” by authors who vie to become one of her “peeps,” Georgia is a seasoned professional with forty years of experience reading romance, and almost twenty-five years of editing and desktop publishing experience. She has worked with top-selling authors and with top-quality ePublishers, and provides guidance and mentorship to her authors, helping them write good books and build lasting careers.

At Hartwood, Georgia discovered a love, and a talent, for developing hot, sexy covers that the readers comment on again and again.  Between overseeing all recruiting and acquisitions processes, creating cover art, website design, book production, bookkeeping, brainstorming story and series ideas with authors, and the myriad list of tasks involved with keeping the wheels of the business turning, Georgia rarely has a free moment. When not working, she spends a lot of time thinking about work, how to improve, how to grow, how to innovate, and thinking up great series ideas for authors looking for inspiration, or meeting with authors to work together or research locations. As relaxation, she can be found, screwdriver in hand and elbows deep, inside a computer case building custom machines, or upgrading them, for friends and family. Yes, she’s definitely a geek at heart.

Georgia lives with her ex-military husband, who is her best friend and the love of her life, and they consider their large family their touchstone and their greatest blessing. She also loves to travel, cook and entertain, swim, and putter in the back yard. Or just float in the pool and daydream. She’s also an NRA certified firearms instructor and considers a day on the range getting some “gunpowder therapy” a very good day.  But she’s rarely seen without her ear buds in, and you can bet her Kindle and her iPhone, music or an audible book playing, is nearby, no matter what she’s doing or where she travels. She’s even been known to keep a power cord in her pocket and pack a second Kindle as a backup because heaven forbid she run out of reading material because the battery died. Did we mention she’s a geek?

Contact Georgia if you have questions about our submissions or acquisitions process, our contract, or author craft classes.


LisaLisa Dugan is COO of The Hartwood Publishing Group, Editorial Director at Hartwood Publishing, and proud to call Hartwood home. Lisa is the marketing wizard we rely on to make our books pop and our author profiles shine in today’s digital world. She generously shares her fifteen-plus years of editorial and publishing experience with our team of editors, and is responsible for editorial assignments and making sure deadlines are met.

Lisa is an adventurer and a world traveler. To date, she:

  • Has eaten at the Jules Verne room in the Eiffel Tower.
  • Has visited Harry’s Bar – also located in Paris.
  • Has been drunk on the Spanish Steps in Rome at three a.m. Also tried to go for a swim in the Trevi Fountain but discovered that the Romans actually have cops out late at night to keep loony Americans out of the fountain.
  • Discovered she has a true gift for playing craps.
  • Knows the meaning of the tiny symbols embedded in the streets of Pompeii. It is perverted.
  • Got bitten by a weird looking bug in North Africa.

When relaxing at home, Lisa makes a mean fruit salad. She also has a reputation in her neighborhood for never looking less than her best when she leaves the house. Her neighbors believe this is because she is a true Southern belle; however, her friends know this is because Matthew McConaughey has been spotted at her local Starbucks. They also know she has atrocious taste in men, and her friends don’t let her go out alone very often.

She tends to a menagerie of animals, at present comprised of 200 pounds of dogs, a delusional Conyer, and a crate of chickens in the garage. She has a terrible shoe habit and has to call Georgia when she has stumbled by accident into the designer footwear section of Neiman Marcus so Georgia can yell in her ear: “PUT DOWN THE SHOES AND STEP AWAY…”

Contact Lisa if you have questions about our promotional activities, marketing, or the editorial process.


Administrative and Production

Jennifer Ropte, Georgia’s Assistant and Hartwood Office Manager

Debra Gillen, Senior Production Assistant

Acquisitions Readers and Editorial Staff

Christina Silverthorn

Debbie Gillen

Mary Fleming

Ansley Blackstock

Marisa Chenery

Jan Daubener


Here’s what authors think:

“Georgia Woods’ input and her gentle ‘polishing’ of my manuscript, ‘Real,’ gave me the edge I needed in the indie market. Georgia respects my author’s voice and is smart, fast, and just wonderful!” Katy Evans, author of Amazon Number 1 Bestselling Romance eBook, Real.

“As a new author entering the industry for the first time, I feel I hit a gold mine when I met Georgia Woods. She was to me, and will be to future ‘newbies,’ a wealth of knowledge. But of ultimate importance is not only her experience and knowledge, but her incredible willingness to share, guide, and teach others what she knows. I was a student of Georgia’s Writing Craft 101 class, and I found this particular program more than useful; it was essential!! Georgia helped me build a solid foundation that I would have struggled to achieve on my own, and for that, I’m truly grateful. It is her drive to help others succeed in this industry that sets her apart from the pack.” Elizabeth Finn,, bestselling author of Restoring Jordan and The Immortals series.

“I’ve never worked with a more supportive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable editor than Georgia Woods. She guided me through my first published book, holding my hand, teaching, encouraging, and guiding me in the editing and publication process. I’m looking forward to working with her again.” Lynn Lorenz, romance author. Lynn’s books are available at Hartwood Publishing, Amber Quill Press, and Amazon.

“Georgia Woods invests her time and support into sculpting, not only books, but careers. Her continual support of my writing always makes me realize how lucky I was to have met her. One of a kind!” Debra Kayn, author of The Hard Body novel series, Grand Central Publishing.

“Georgia is the most trustworthy person I know. In this industry, trust is so important. I never worry she’ll betray the trust I’ve placed in her–it simply wouldn’t occur to her to do so. She goes above and beyond if you need answers–if she doesn’t know the answers she’ll find them for you. Every single time. Georgia cares. She doesn’t place herself above you, or in front of you–she’ll be right there beside you no matter what is going on with her. What you see is what you get–honesty, loyalty, someone who cares about you, your journey, and your career. ” Cassidy Hunter, multi-published paranormal romance author..

“Georgia is the kind of editor that you wish you had, but seldom receive. She helped me above and beyond in my growth as an author and was always there with a willing ear and sound advice. Above all, she truly cares, and that alone is hard to find.” Janet aka J.C. Owens –

“Georgia is an institution in eRomancelandia. Known for her flawless taste, her ability to spot raw talent, and her exceptional skill in molding that talent into successful authors, Georgia wins the respect and admiration of those who know and work with her. I am in awe of her work ethic, her can-do attitude, and her business and technical acumen.” Antonia Pearce – Published Author and Freelance Fiction Editor,

“Georgia Woods was wonderful to work with on my first novel, Haunted Heart. She was professional and knowledgeable. She helped my manuscript shine.” Caroline Rosewood,

“Georgia is an author’s dream to work with. She not only works to make a story the best it can be, she also gives her authors amazing support during what may be a difficult process. I would work with Georgia again in a heartbeat.” Maddy Barone,, bestselling author of the After the Crash series.

“Georgia Woods walked me through the cyberworld of e-book publishing. I was a naif. She was never too busy to hop on Skype and cheerfully guide me toward solutions that made me a better writer and my books smooth reading.” Jackie Weger, author of Beyond Fate and No Perfect Secret.