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Hartwood Publishing is an imprint of The Hartwood Publishing Group, a traditional publisher of ebook, print, and audio format books. Hartwood began as an idea, a niggle of inspiration to not only fill the voracious needs of a highly-mobile reading public with books they’ll love to read, but also to meet the new and changing needs of authors. The world of books is evolving at a drastic pace, and book stores and publishers are falling by the wayside. To be successful in new and emerging markets, we readjust our priorities regularly to better fit the ever-changing publishing landscape. Hartwood is focused, dedicated, and will remain lean and clean, efficient, nimble, and ready to take advantage of alterations and opportunities in the market, even when they come with very little warning. We believe the most reliable way to remain standing when the dust settles is to modify standard operating procedures from what worked in the past to what works now, and will keep Hartwood Publishing strong and viable.

Our books and authors have been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox television networks, along with multiple local and national radio shows, as well as Internet podcasts. We send a list of our new releases each month to USA Today and Publishers’ Weekly, along with running a strong social media campaign and sending out release announcements to a wide list of reviewers. Our books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook/Apple, Kobo, Audible.com, and other local and online booksellers all over the world, wherever quality books are sold.

Hartwood Publishing, where stories linger in your heart long after the book is closed. Are you ready?


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